PHUKET: As I reported last week, the increase in mobile smartphones has been steadily continuing.

There is expectation that over 51 per cent of the online Christmas sales traffic in the United States will originate from smart-phones this year.

So it is with confidence I predict that the focus for social media marketing strategies should be switched to mobile devices.

This is also going to lead to much more competition in the online marketing sector, and companies with a successful strategy and updated system are going to be able to significantly out perform their competitors.

Put simply, it is time to either get on board the smart-phone revolution or be left behind. The companies that can embrace this technology and become more engaging and relevant than their competitors are going to achieve a huge advantage.

Another trend that is increasing is the use of video. Video is becoming the favored way of capturing attention and building rapport. Recent figures show mobile users spend an average of 40 minutes per session on YouTube, while consumers’ attention-spans are actually getting shorter.

You have also heard me go on about databases like a broken record. This will become a major focus in 2016, and the wide range of different platforms will make it even easier for marketers. Facebook has recently introduced a new platform to allow marketers to collect contact details from people who ‘like’ their products, and this will become a trend in all companies.

So for the winning combination, I would recommend a mobile-friendly approach using videos that link to i-cards and capture pages, and any business doing this successfully will have a very profitable 2016.

Simon Wetherell is a social media expert and lawyer. He trains businesses and individuals on how to profit from the social media industry. For more information: Visit or call 095-085 3355.

— Simon Wetherell