PHUKET: Three hungry Gazette editors with a craving for cheese descended on ‘Only Cheese’ in Kathu for lunch last week, and much to the annoyance of other editorial team members couldn’t stop talking about it for a week afterward.

Whether you are a cheese lover or not, there’s something for everyone on the menu. At first glance, it looks like an after-school hangout with a bold orange sign out front and an entire wall lined with Instagram pictures inside. Even the menu, hotplates and decor inside are orange. But don’t let any of that put you off. Just think about all the thick, gooey cheese you are about to consume.

Everything on the menu is surprisingly cheap and the portions are generous. Between the three of us, we had seafood, ham and spinach, mashed potatoes, lasagna and a big bowl of piping-hot cheese with garlic bread.

The selling point for me is having my food cooked right at the table in front of my eyes, on my very own hotplate. Another is the fact that the food is surprisingly light, considering everything is cooked on a bed of cheese.

However, nowhere on the menu does it say what kind of cheese it is, delicious though it may be. Perhaps it didn’t make the cut in the Thai-English translated menu, or perhaps it’s a genuine oversight.

In any case, it’s value for money and a good choice for a quick bite of lunch.

— Sahar Aftab Paliwala