As I sat in the darkness of the chilly pre-dawn morning, I just had a feeling that this day would be a special one. I had woken up groggily at 3:00am to start the long journey to this viewpoint that overlooks the incredible active volcano Mt Bromo in East Java, Indonesia.

While sitting patiently waiting for the sun to shed light on this scene, I could feel the very earth rumbling beneath me. Mt Bromo was alive and kicking and its power was felt for miles around. As the sun slowly crept over the horizon, I was in complete and utter awe.

This is exactly what I saw that morning, a scene that if I hadn’t been there myself, I would not believe was real.

Mt Bromo Sunrise
East Java, Indonesia
May 2017
Sony a7Rii

Aaron Hooper is a freelance photographer long known for his other identity as the Chef/Owner of Joe’s Downstairs Restaurant in Phuket. He is now refocused on his passions for writing, photography and travel. You can see more of his portfolio here.

— Aaron Hooper