On the banks of the idyllic Inle Lake in Central Myanmar, the shores teem with life. Tribes from all over the region come down from surrounding villages to trade goods, fish, play, and of course gossip. These girls were deep into their stories as I happened upon them laughing on the Lake’s shore. The fantastic, rich colors of their headdress denote that they were members of the Pa’O tribe.

The Pa’O follow the Buddhist religion and populate the difficult mountainous areas surrounding Inle Lake. They are a proud people and that is reflected in the wonderful, bold colors they wear on their heads. This girl’s smile was indicative of the people I met on my travels in Myanmar, a loving, kind people who were always easy to offer the most genuine, beaming smiles.

Pa’O Village Girl
Inle Lake, Myanmar
April 2017
Sony a7Rii

Aaron Hooper is a freelance photographer long known for his other identity as the Chef/Owner of Joe’s Downstairs Restaurant in Phuket. He is now refocused on his passion of writing, photography and travel. You can see more of his portfolio here.

— Aaron Hooper