The Tengger Hill People of East Java, Indonesia are a strong, proud people rich in culture and full of life.

Their livelihood is dependent on the volcano Mt Bromo that dominates their landscape. It brings them the fertile soil from which they so proudly grow their beautiful, giant vegetables. Their homes are perched precariously on the cliffs of the Bromo mountain sides.

All Tengger begin their day before the sun rises and labor in their gardens until it sets each day. I am so glad I got to witness these fantastic people and document their beaming smiles.

I hope they are able to keep their wonderful traditions alive for many generations to come.

Tennger Farmer
Bromo, East Java, Indonesia
May, 2017
Sony a7Rii

Aaron Hooper is a freelance photographer long known for his other identity as the Chef/Owner of Joe’s Downstairs Restaurant in Phuket. He is now refocused on his passions for writing, photography and travel. You can see more of his portfolio here.

— Aaron Hooper