PHUKET: Being an interior designer often involves “thinking outside of the box” yet sometimes the opposite is true.

Heading up such a team of designers and artists is Irish-born Brian Woulfe who, after two years in Phuket, recently held the lavish opening of his “Designed by Woulfe” offices at Baan Wana Park in Thalang.

On arrival at his plush, purple, cubist office/studio there is no immediate indication as to how he was able to recycle this artistic haven from eight standard shipping containers, yet walk around the side and it is possible to see the original doors bearing cargo information.

One of the advantages of having such a unique space is the possibilty of using the modules to great effect when displaying furnishings or artwork. On this occasion the containers were the perfect backdrop to the bold Pop Art of his friend, Belgian artist Christian Develter, who has come down from Bangkok to exhibit his large paintings at several events on the island culminating in Phuket’s inaugural Think Design Art Festival at the Royal Phuket Marina from December, 27-30.

Brian Woulfe has already established himself on the island as a designer with impeccable taste and fresh ideas. His “bespoke” services include listening to his clients’ ideas, understanding their tastes and parlaying this with his knowledge into design classics.

Phuket high-end clients already include Malaiwana and Kata Rocks and with the launch of these new offices it is clear that Brian Woulfe has other designs on Phuket.

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— Marc Mulloy