PHUKET: A Chinese tourist died after she was overcome by strong waves that threw her off a rock and drew her into the sea at Kamala Beach this morning.

Pan Ying, 32, reportedly fell in at about 11:30am. Rescue workers and lifeguards quickly took action to bring her back to shore. However, they were unable to resuscitate her and she was pronounced dead.

“Ms Pan had been on a trip to Phuket with her family. She arrived yesterday and was staying at a hotel in Kamala. This morning, after breakfast, she walked to the beach to take pictures with her friends. Suddenly, a strong wave threw her off and she fell into the water. Her friends immediately requested hotel staff for help,” said Lt Col Yossaphat Suvansit of Kamala Police.

“By the time rescue workers arrived, however, she was already dead. Her body was taken to Patong Hospital,” he added.

Phuket lifeguards have strongly urged tourists to swim with caution and never disobey red-flags on beaches (story here).

— Kritsada Mueanhawong


  1. Why can’t the useless pathetic excuse for the Chinese consulate/embassy warn their people before they come about the surf and the other dangers??? Its like they just don’t give a stuff.

    Even the airlines could give them a brochure to read before they land but nobody wants to warn them.