PHUKET: A Patong vendor was apprehended, while two others escaped after police raided the ‘One Tambon, One Product’ (OTOP) market in Patong yesterday.

Officers seized 458 pirated items valued at about 300,000 baht.

“Due to the provincial policy of continuously fighting pirated goods, especially in Patong, we decided to inspect shops at the OTOP market, one of the high traffic commercial areas in Phuket,” said Siwach Rawangkul of the Phuket Department of ‘Intellectual’ Property (DIP).

The fake products included various items of clothing forged with logos of famous brands.

Surasak Wongsawan, 39, was arrested and charged with selling goods with a forged registered trademark and taken to Patong Police Station for further legal processing.

Last month, police and officers from the Economic Crime Suppression Division (CSD) raided 19 shops and confiscated half a million baht’s worth of pirated goods in Patong (story here).

The month before, ten vendors were arrested and about 20 million baht’s worth of counterfeit merchandise was confiscated following complaints by the DIP in Bangkok (story here).

— Kritsada Mueanhawong


  1. so what is there to buy now ? a big hit on vendors, a bigger hit on tourists ? why else do people go to Phuket ? cheap knock offs or sex ? 2004 Otop was full of vendors it was fun 2015 around 20 shops closed on Otop 2017 half of the vendors gone, no one is happy, vendors getting angry and rude, more rats running around ? come on Thailand wake up to yourselves before you lose tourism to Bali.