PHUKET TOWN: Sales were brisk over the weekend at T.S. Trading on Phuket Road in advance of Tuesday’s expected crackdown on motorbike helmet scofflaws. Store owner Taveesak Saelim says business has been in high gear since local authorities earlier this month began their province-wide announcements that strict enforcement of the law, which covers both drivers and passengers, will commence tomorrow, September 15. The store’s best-seller is a 95-baht plastic shell with a chin strap, the owner reported. Cost-conscious buyers, he said, have been steering toward the budget-priced model to avoid the 500 baht fine, not head injuries.


  1. I’ve ridden my motorbike without a helmet here and there. Definitely a good feeling with the wind and freedom it brings. But I’ve also had a fall where the helmet saved my life. So overall it’s a good law to have enforced.