PHUKET: A Chinese tour bus driver tested positive for drug use after crashing on Kata Hill in Phuket on Tuesday afternoon (story here).

Six of the tourists on the Xin Tour Phuket bus, as well as a local resident in one of the five vehicles tangled up in the accident, were slightly injured. They were taken to Phuket International Hospital for treatment and released later that evening.

“We tested Polsit Tangmee, 53, for drugs and alcohol after the accident. The preliminary results came back positive, so the sample is being sent to experts to confirm our results,” said Lt Channarong Prakongkua of the Karon Police.

“Mr Polsit has been charged with reckless driving causing injury, with further drug-related charges pending ‘expert confirmation’.”

A representative of An Xin Tour Phuket, who declined to be named, explained that the company’s drivers were regularly tested for drugs.

“They are tested once a month by the Thalang Police. I can also confirm that the vehicles we use are in good condition, as they are serviced every 6 months,” the representative said. “We also have a system installed to limit their speed to 80 km/h.”

The representative went on to remind people of the importance of wearing seat belts while riding in any vehicle.

“Our staffers always remind tour guides that it is their responsibility to request passengers to wear their seat belts while the vehicle is in motion. Passenger safety comes first,” the representative said.

— Voratuss Intasee