PHUKET: Everyone is invited to attend a free concert being held in honor of, and featuring the compositions of, His Majesty King Rama IX this Saturday evening (May 20).

‘Jazz for King 2 – Jazz by the Andaman Sea’ is organized by the Andaman Natural Resources Conservation Foundation (ANRCF) in association with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and will be held at Loma Park, Patong from 7pm onward.

Some of the featured artists include Denny Euprasert, Raweewan Jinda, Jirasak Panpum, Tanis Seeklindee, Lula Kanyarat and American trumpet player Steve Cannon.

“Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy what are sure to be unforgettable performances by some of the top jazz artists in the Kingdom, and to pay respect to His Majesty King Rama IX. We are expressing appreciation for what HM the King loved and composed. This is also a way to honor the new King, His Majesty Rama X,” says Yossanan Raicharoen of the ANRCF.

The Phuket Gazette and The Nation are proud to be sponsoring this prestigious event.

— Kongleaphy Keam