PHUKET: Official figures released by the emergency center at Phuket Provincial Hall at 4.30 this afternoon show the number of dead in Phang Nga, Phuket and Krabi, the three provinces worst hit by the tsunami, has climbed to 2,232 .

In Phuket the number of dead has risen to 282 (149 Thai, 108 foreigners and 25 of unknown nationality). No new deaths were recorded between 1 am and 4.30 in Phuket, however.

In Phang Nga the situation is far more grim; the death toll now stands at 1,583 (1,073 Thais, 510 foreigners), with 280 more deaths recorded between 1 am and 4.30 pm alone.

In Krabi, the number of fatalities has risen to 367 (108 Thais, 88 foreigners and 171 of unknown nationality), with 13 deaths recorded between 1 am and 4.30 pm.

The number of people injured in Phuket now stands at 1,272 (386 Thais, 225 foreigners, and 661 people whose nationality was not recorded at time of treatment), though no people with injuries were recorded as being treated between 1 am and 4.30.

There are now 1,808 people reported missing in Phuket (979 Thais, 600 foreigners and 229 people of unknown nationality). There were no new reports of missing people between 1 am and 4.30, however.