PHUKET: Illegal immigrants topped this month’s crime statistics with 176 arrests between December 1-25. Figures released by Phuket Provincial Police show arrests for gambling coming in second with 169 people taken into custody from 48 raids. Another 43 people were charged with involvement in underground lotteries. Police apprehended 32 people for prostitution and made 48 arrests for possession or use of illegal drugs. Another 25 arrests were made for glue-sniffing. No ya bah (methamphetamine) tablets were reported seized although police confiscated 146.8 grams of marijuana. There were 26 reports of crimes against the person, including three murders, four cases of attempted murder and a further 18 cases of actual bodily harm. One complaint of sexual assault was reported. Police received complaints of 45 offenses to property, comprising 30 cases of theft, seven of snatching, four of vandalism and one of gang robbery. Police have arrested 20 people in relation to these reports.