PHUKET TOWN: The body of a man believed to have been a Pakistani fisherman was found in an industrial garbage bin near the fishing port on Saturday. Pol Maj Songwut Khunjan of Phuket Town Police Station told the Gazette that the man, as yet unidentified, died from almost 40 wounds to the face, neck, chest, stomach and back. He added that, as in other recent murders in the port area, the wounds appear to have been inflicted with a sharpened steel reinforcing rod. The dead man was between 30 and 35 years old and was wearing a blue T-shirt beneath an army-style camouflage shirt. Police estimate he was killed at least 12 hours before his body was found at about 1:30 pm. “There were blood smears nearby that suggest the body was dragged and heaved into the bin, so I think there was more than one person involved in the killing,” Maj Songwut said. “Local people said they had seen nothing, and no one could identify the victim. However, given the place where he was found, he was probably a fisherman.”