PHUKET: More than half of the respondents to a Phuket Gazette poll said that better training for tour bus drivers was the best way to stop the carnage on Patong Hill.

Two people crushed to death by a runaway bus in December (story here) sent officials scrambling for ideas on how to prevent more needless deaths on the notorious slope (story here).

In response, the Gazette asked our readers: “What is the best way to prevent further deadly bus accidents on Patong Hill?”

More than 1,100 people took part in the poll, with 53.3% of respondents choosing “better training for drivers” as their top choice.

Second favorite was the option to build the long-awaited Patong Tunnel (story here), garnering 19.7% of the votes cast.

The option to “Change legal standards for bus brakes in Thailand to ensure full redundancy” scored 11.8% of the votes, with enforcing a ban on all large vehicles from using the Patong Hill road close behind with 9.6%.

Allowing buses to use the hill road only to exit Patong (story here) scored a meager 4.3%, while lowest on the list of respondents’ preferences was to enforce a ban on all buses from other provinces from using the hill, as they are unfamiliar with it (1.3%).

To check the full poll results, click here.

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