PHUKET: A rainy-weather driving-speed warning was issued today after a Phuket police officer flipped his car on the way to Phuket International Airport early yesterday morning.

Lt Nikom Keawnu of the Cherng Talay Police and his female passenger both walked away unharmed from the accident on the new airport road.

“The accident occurred when it was raining. We were on a downhill curve on the wet road and I lost control of the car,” Lt Nikom told Kusoldharm Foundation rescue workers and Tah Chat Chai Police when they arrived at the scene.

Tah Chat Chai Police are investigating the case and considering charging Lt Nikom for the damages done to the guardrail the car crashed into.

“It is important that people slow down when they are driving in inclement weather, especially on curves or hilly roads,” Lt Suppawit Jinukul of the Tah Chat Chai Police told the Phuket Gazette.

— Thawit Bilabdullar