PHUKET TOWN: Funds raised from the StarAid event held at the Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket last June were used to organize a Christmas celebration for 30 HIV infected children at Vachira Hospital last Sunday. On the same day, 30,000 baht was donated to the slum village of Langho Prachum for the development of an HIV educational fund for the children living there. The Christmas party was organized by John O’Shea, General Manager of the Sheraton. The balance of the funds raised by the StarAid event now stand at 529,033 baht after deductions for taxes, the cost of the function and donations to the Phuket Aid Foundation. Phuket Aid Foundation projects have included AIDS awareness and prevention campaigns and donations to slum villages in Langho Prachum, Saphanhin, Bonamsia, Langsuenlueng, and Thaimai in Koh Kaew. The remaining balance in the fund will be used to support projects aimed at five additional slum villages.