PHUKET: Two men were apprehended after they snatched an iPhone from two Chinese tourists in Patong last night.

The suspects were named as Sarawuth Rattanaprasert, 21, and Thanawuth Hirankakorn, 19.

“We received a report of a robbery on Sai Nam Yen Road about 7pm. Patrol officers in the area immediately took action when they saw the two victims chasing Mr Sarawuth on foot,” said Maj Thanturong Wuthiwong of Patong Police.

“We apprehended Mr Sarawuth, who confessed that he snatched the phone from the two tourists riding on a motorbike, while he was riding nearby with Mr Thanawuth.”

Mr Thanawuth was driving, while Mr Sarawuth, who fell off the bike during the struggle, attempted to flee the scene on foot after his friend made off on the motorbike.

The two victims, named Yu Sun, 32, and Jiang Yimeng, 31, also fell off their bike and began chasing Mr Sarawuth on foot, at which point police officers stepped in and arrested him. The stolen phone was found lying on the ground nearby, where he had chucked it when he saw the officers approaching.

Mr Sarawuth told police that he and his friend were heading toward Kalim Beach.

Both were charged with theft and causing injury.

“Mr Sarawuth told us that initially he had not planned to rob anyone, but when he saw the two tourists driving nearby, he asked Mr Thanawuth to get close enough for him to grab the phone,” Maj Thanturong added.

The tourists sustained minor injuries as a result of their fall and were taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital for treatment.

— Kritsada Mueanhawong