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Press Direct – How it works

Have a press release, an event, or any other news you need to get out widely and quickly? Now you can publish that news yourself — a first in Phuket — and do it on the island’s most heavily trafficked website: the Gazette Online.

With Press Direct, your stories will be formatted and presented in our self-published pages with exactly the same look and feel as the stories published by our editors every day.

All self published stories include your headline; a photo, with caption; and three Gazette links (to your web, your Facebook and your email address). Additionally, a link to your story will appear in the heat zone of our home page and all other pages of the Gazette Online so long as that story remains in the top three latest in our Press Direct pages.

For multilingual web readership, short is essential, so we limit Press Direct stories to 325 words. (The ‘story’ you are reading right now is 225 words.)

You may self-publish with or without assistance from our editors. With assistance, we will review and edit the story for spelling, punctuation, grammar and, in some cases, journalistic style – only. Without assistance, your story will appear precisely as submitted.

Stories with review by our editors are 5,000 baht. Those published without our assistance are 4,500 baht.

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