CHIANG MAI: A vocational college student has been severely injured because she looked at her friend’s mobile phone to see a newly-caught Pokemon monster while driving her motorbike.

The accident in Chiang Mai became the talk of the town in cyberspace after the girl’s father angrily posted a message on his Facebook wall to reprimand his daughter.

The father said she got straight A grades for nearly all her subjects, yet she was ‘stupid enough’ to play the game.

However, the girl’s mother, who identified herself as Wannipha, said her daughter was not playing the game. She was simply driving her motorbike to her school on Monday morning.

The mother said a pillion rider, who was playing the game, became excited after she caught a rare Pokemon monster, so she showed her mobile phone to the girl.

The mother said her daughter turned to look at the phone and her bike crashed into a sidewalk.

— The Nation