TRANG: One can cheat death for only so long, as residents of tambon Kok Lor in Trang province learned recently when an elderly villager hanged himself “accidentally on purpose” while drunk. The “accidental” suicide occurred on August 16, when 76-year-old Sian Ninlata suspended a rope from a roof beam, placed his head in the noose and stumbled around drunk on the second-story balcony of his home in Village 12 – only to lose his balance and hang himself. “K. Sian was predisposed to strange behavior,” the victim’s wife said after the unfortunate event. “He wasn’t like other villagers because whenever he got drunk he liked to put a noose around his neck and play around like he was going to hang himself.” Just four or five hours before the incident, she said, she and some neighbors noticed K. Sian on the second-story balcony with a noose around his neck, but they managed to pull him down and out of danger. As soon as his wife left the house to run some errands, however, K. Sian apparently began downing shots of whisky. This put him back in the mood to resume his dance with death – this time unsupervised – and with deadly effect.