UDON THANI: Sunthorn Sornyoo couldn’t say why, but when he spotted the pregnant, but still very slinky, sow in Sompetch Samsibai’s pigsty, he felt the juices flow. “I climbed up into the pigsty and raped her until I had an orgasm,” he explained later. Passing the cage a week later, 42-year-old Sunthorn again felt an urge to consort with the swine. After a quick look to ensure Sompetch was not around, he once again climbed into the pigsty to satisfy his bestial urges. However, while the pig never squealed on its assailant, Sompetch was around, and was stunned to see Sunthorn busily porking one of his porkers. “He was trying to push a kind of an energy drink bottle into my pig’s vagina. Then he took off his pants and tried to rape her. “I could not stand for that disgusting kind of ‘love scene’ so I called the police,” he said. Police arrived very fast and caught Sunthorn in flagrante. They charged him with “cruelly ill-treating an animal” for which the penalty is a fine of 1,000 baht or one month in jail, or both.