MUKDAHAN: There’s a well known – if slightly crude – expression in the United Kingdom: “As happy as a dog with two dicks”.

But how happy is a dog with two vaginas?

Anyone wishing to find out should pay a visit to Udorn Battasao, 29, who lives in a village in Mukdahan province.

Mr Udorn is the proud owner of “Bendy”, a three-month-old puppy gifted with two sets of genitals.

At first sight, it’s clear Bendy is no ordinary dog. She has an extra leg sprouting out near the ankle on her back-left leg.

But five-legged dogs are hardly news to seasoned Queer Newsfolk.

When Bendy lies on her back, you can see what’s got the residents of Mr Udorn’s village really excited: her extra vagina.

The organ, on her groin on the same side as her extra leg, looks just like a normal vagina, though it doesn’t have an opening.

As is usual for rural Thailand, residents of the village are queuing up to see Bendy’s bits – in the hope of gleaning the week’s winning lottery numbers therefrom.

Bendy was the last of seven puppies born to her mother at the start of September.

Mr Udorn inspected the puppies one by one and was surprised to see Bendy’s bizarre genitals.

Still, Mr Udorn said Bendy was strong and he would raise her as a normal dog.

He lets her out in the morning to play in the rice fields and brings her home every night with the rest of the puppies.

We can only assume she’s as happy as a dog with two…