BANGKOK (AFP): Police said today that they are investigating reports that hidden cameras have been placed in department store changing rooms to spy on women as they try on clothing and underwear. The Metropolitan Police have sent undercover women officers into the city’s stores to check for any suspicious equipment in the fitting rooms, said Pol Lt Gen Pongsapat Pongcharoen. Gen Pongsapat said that if any cameras are found, the culprits will be severely punished because, even though it is not technically a serious criminal offence, the behavior could damage Thailand’s reputation. “If found, the suspects will be prosecuted immediately,” he said. Local newspapers reported that websites have featured revealing photos of women trying on underwear in Bangkok department store fitting rooms. Thai police said they are also on the alert for peeping toms who have been caught with video cameras hidden in shopping bags. The hidden cameras are used to take salacious footage of women traveling on escalators and walking across overpasses.