NAKHON NAYOK: On the evening of July 15, a local florist called the police to report that her bus had been stolen. She told them that she was just about to get into bed when she heard the engine start up. By the time she got outside, the bus was already moving away. She ran after it for some time, but eventually lost sight of it. The police rushed to the area where the bus was last seen and spotted the runaway vehicle. They ordered the bus to pull over. When the doors opened, officers were astonished to find three children jammed into the driver’s seat. The police later identified the children as two brothers, “Sot” and “Rat”, aged 11 and 10, and their friend, 11-year-old “Non”. According to the children, the brothers lived with their aunt in Nakhon Nayok because their parents traveled too much to take care of them. That evening, the brothers were going to see their uncle to borrow some money. Along the way, they met Non, their friend from school. As the three were walking along, they spotted the florist’s bus parked at the side of the road in front of her shop. They got into it, found the keys on the floor, fired up the engine and drove away. Using deft teamwork to drive the bus, one steered while another pressed the clutch and worked the gears, and the third operated the gas pedal and brake. The children told police that they were headed for Saraburi province to visit Sot and Rat’s sister.