PHUKET: Readers of Queer News may know someone collecting the “Love Thailand” stamps currently being given out with purchases at 7-Eleven convenience stores across the country.

The stamps can be exchanged for a variety of prizes, including light bulbs, whitening cream and even a satellite receiver box from media company True.

The one thing they can’t do is send letters.

But not everyone realizes that. The Thai post office has been forced to release a statement informing the public that the stamps cannot be used to post letters.

The statement came after pictures appeared on Facebook of envelopes with apparently genuine Thai Post imprints over the stamps indicating the letters had been successfully processed and sent.

Piyawat Mahapaoraya, deputy president of Thai Post, said the stamps could definitely not be used to post letters and if the pictures were real, they had most probably occurred as a result of a sorting error.

Mr Piyawat said such mistakes were sometimes possible because the post office had so many letters to deal with.

If the Thai Post office discovered any letters with the stamps on them, the organization would have to charge the receivers 5 baht to receive their post – because a letter with 7-Eleven stamps on it was no better than one with no stamps at all.

— Sanook News