PHUKET: This week’s weird news round-up is a subtle blend of depraved, deplorable and detestable happenings from the around the globe.

Health Risk: Teens using vodka-soaked tampons to get drunk

PHOENIX Police say a craze that involves teenage girls dousing tampons with vodka and inserting them into their “parts” to get drunk is on the rise and needs to be stopped.

And it’s not just girls. Boys have also been inserting the vodka-doused products into their rectums to allow alcohol to enter their blood stream faster, KPHO reported.

There have been a growing number of incidents recently and a concern for student safety is forcing one Phoenix high school resource officer in particular, to warn the public.

Officer Chris Thomas said the problem was widespread and that there had been cases of alcohol poisoning resulting from the craze.

Thomas said rectal beer bongs is another painful trend becoming popular with high school kids, dubbed “butt chugging”.

According to Thomas, the students are acting out these bizarre ways to consume alcohol as a way to avoid being caught by their parents and smelling of alcohol and also to beat police breathalyzer tests.

But breathalyzer tests measure alcohol content in the bloodstream, not in breath, and would mean teens are putting themselves at serious health risk for nothing.

Dr Dan Quan, of the Maricopa Medical Center, told KPHO that students would obtain a “quicker high” and the effects were “more intense” than through oral consumption.

He said craze could have life-threatening consequences and should be stopped.

The disturbing trend was first reported in 1999.

Inmate uses guts for gun glory

AN OBESE Florida prisoner smuggled a gun into jail by tucking it under his overhanging belly.

Okaloosa County Jail guards were baffled to find the gun in the cell of 18-year-old Stoney Mathis, the Mirror reported.

Despite being searched on arrival, Mathis large belly fat was not properly inspected by guards.

Man sues dating agency for ‘ugly brides’

A CHINESE bachelor is suing a dating agency who repeatedly sent him “ugly girls” as potential brides.

Li Zing, 27, claims the agency changed the appearance of the women in the photographs on its website, so they were unrecognizable, the Mirror Reported.

Zing is demanding his UK80 pounds joining fee and wants a extra UK500 pounds from the agency, which is based in Hubei province, central China.

Agency representatives were quoted as saying Zing is “no film star himself”, and that the agency sent women it thought were suitable for him.

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