ANG THONG: Following on from last week’s report about the unfortunate Army private with the fish caught in his throat comes yet another sorry tale from a Thai youth about the perils of putting foreign objects in one’s mouth.

This story came to light when an eighteen year old youth, identified only as Chai, was brought in to Wisetchaichan Hospital on December 7 suffering major wounds to his cheeks and jaw.

After word of the boy’s misfortune got out, journalists began to arrive at the hospital waiting room. Mr Chai’s family, however, somewhat understandably given the stupidity that caused the injury, refused to talk to the press pack.

Despite this, details of the incident did emerge from other witnesses.

In the early hours of December 7, Chai and some friends were larking about with firecrackers. Chai, being a bit of a joker, then put a firecracker in his mouth and began to suck it.

To up the ante somewhat, he lit the fuse – with predictable results.

The firecracker exploded, taking much of Chai’s cheeks and mouth with it.

Friends rushed him to the hospital, where doctors performed emergency surgery to save as much of his mouth as possible.

Following the surgery, doctors said he was in a stable condition, but refused to let journalists in to talk to him so no further light could be shone on why he decided to perform a sex act on a lit firecracker. It is suspected that alcohol may have been involved.